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What Clients are Saying ...

John N. Huy, D.C., DACBN, owner Tarpon Total Health Care

"Her talent in marketing management and graphic design is evident in the huge volume of captivating design pieces that keep my practice in the news and generate new patients."

Brian McHugh, CFO & COO Perceptu Inc.

"Christa completed two government Request for Proposals for electronics recycling services in the states of NC and KY. The company was awarded contracts for both states, significantly contributing to the growth of the company by adding new government-based revenue streams."

JoLynn Wright, owner/program director Cole Link Foundation

"I have relied on her knowledge and direction to develop our brand identity, website, media kit, logo, business cards, brochures, press releases and numerous forms. All the feedback I received from our Board of Directors, staff, community partners and volunteers, is very positive."

Chris Dyer, President ListAbility, Inc.

"Christa is an independent, self-directed person who is extremely talented in graphic design and writing. Her everyday efforts to transform prospects into new customers through effective communication, reveals her ability to build lasting relationships while meeting corporate objectives."

Marjoe Aguiling, senior producer MDTV Medical News Now, Inc.

“While she was a significant asset to our company’s business development and marketing efforts, Christa’s talents in writing and illustration were an integral part of all of our television productions.” 

Paul Argen, CEO Executive Producer MDTV Medical News Now, Inc.

“Not only is Christa a talented, creative and detail-oriented person, she also takes great pride in her work and consistently met her deadlines. The was able to juggle various projects at once and handled stress very well.”

About Christa Kantner


Growing Businesses Through Impactful Design

Christa Kantner is an accomplished, independent commercial graphic designer, web designer and writer with broad marketing experience developing pioneering brands and promoting products and services in a variety of industries from sports to medical. She is described as a professional who clearly possesses those traits critical for success in today's times. Christa has held the position of Vice President of Business Development and Marketing for national companies where she has generated multimillion-dollar revenue growth ...

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